ESCAPΞPLAN. Genre: Electronic, Dance. Comprised of brother apes ETHan (#4321) and zeETH (#309), whose origins lie in the snow-covered mountains of Sethan Village, India. Growing up bored and isolated, living most of their lives hiding from the flocks of tourists plaguing Sethan's famed Hampta Pass, they came to the realization that the only way out would be to create their own path.

Being sons of musical parents, ETHan and zeETH were innately musical and began experimenting with electronic music at a young age, often descending into town to devour YouTube tutorials at the village internet cafe. The apes quickly fell in love with the music production process and began writing their own material.

Yearning to explore the world and see more, the brothers decided to formalize their passion and pursue a life abroad, powered by creativity and music. Thus, the world's first-ever Bored Ape producer-DJ duo was born: ESCAPΞPLAN.